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Friday, 13 January 2012

Review - 'Tutiya Dil', relevant subject, bad acting

Cast: Nikhil Sabharwal, Suzanna Mukherjee, Sidhant Kapur, Iris Maity

Director: Amit Khanna

The filmmakers have always focussed on the mental agony of the middle class. The only difference that has taken place in the last two decades is that the subject of unemployment has been replaced by failed relationships. Last year's release 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama' had shown the females in grey shades, while 'Tutiya Dil' demonstrates that heartbreaks are not gender biased.

Delhi works as the space for 'Tutiya Dil' where a triangular love story is taking place among three media professionals Karan Oberoi (Nikhil Sabharwal), Rhea Kapoor (Suzanna Mukherjee) and Vishal Khanna (Sidhant Kapur). Karan works as a TV producer who finds his assistant Rhea a good prospect to fall in love with. The unbounded love and flashy lifestyle of Karan sweeps Rhea off her feet.

As a result, Rhea forgets who she actually is and becomes an eighteen year old. They move in but Karan soon falls out of love. One day he dumps Rhea without any prior notice. Rhea couldn't handle the situation and becomes a victim of depression. Homeless Rhea had to seek shelter in her colleague Vishal's house.

Vishal is a womanizer but emotions stay somewhere deep down his heart. He is actually afraid of being hurt again. He supports Rhea in every possible way without being forced.

Slowly and steadily Rhea recovers from her grief and develops a theory called 'The Turkey Theory' about men. The theory makes her a celebrity and gives her the confidence to face the world. Meanwhile Karan realises his mistake and wants to come back to Rhea.

The story of the film is quite simple but its impact lies in the theme. The younger generation don't give relationships more importance than money and is happy in dealing with people like commodities.

The story writer has got the correct ingredients of a love story but the director Amit Khanna probably wanted to make the film appear like a hope story.

The characterisation features some essential elements of the personalities of upper middle class urban youth. The screenplay tries to emphasize on the desire to be loved but doesn't provide an answer to 'how to find the focus of life'.

Rhea's monologue in the climax explores the easy way out. The climax shows her happy but doesn't reveal much about the journey of other actors. However it's understandable because the story is Rhea's perspective.

The narrative strategy of the film can remind you of western TV soaps. Amit Khanna has definitely done good research on live in relationships and its after-effects. It was evident in his serial 'Roomies' on MTV also, but this time he has become successful in weaving an engaging story.

The sad part is that the actors don't feel the same about the film. Suzanna Mukherjee is the chief spoiler of the game. She is either loud or completely expressionless. Her attitude suits the character but her chemistry with the fellow actors looks artificial.
The boyish charm of Sidhant Kapur impresses. He is natural and a well nuanced role can make him more impressive.

Nikhil Sabharwal hasn't got many chances to show his talent but he has failed in grabbing whatever was offered.

Iris Maity is acceptable as Anuradha Mukherjee.

The songs are trendy and compliment the film. Unfortunately the best song of the film 'Aag Lage' is used in the closing credits. 'Satrangia Dil' is another song you can listen to.

The cinematography lacks imagination. Probably the TV background of the storyteller has restricted the camera from being larger than life. Though there is no hard and fast rule but grandeur of the film compels the audience to watch the shot.

Editing department doesn’t have anything special to offer.

The director has left no stone unturned to make 'Tutiya Dil' a good watch but bad acting has hampered his chances.


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