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Friday, 27 January 2012

Siddharth confident about the success of 'AK 56'

New Delhi: Meet Siddharth who is quite confident about the success of his forthcoming flick 'AK 56'. Siddarth, who made his debut in Sandalwood with 'Minchu', a re-make of Tamil movie 'Thimiru', expects 'AK 56' to become a huge hit at the box office since it has all the ingredients that are required to attract the classy as well as mass audiences to theatres.

Considered as one of the big-budget films of Sandalwood, producers Venkatesh Babu and Venugopal Nayak have spent around Rs 12 crores to complete this action-oriented film. "The USP of 'AK 56' is the chase sequence. It was shot on NICE Road and producers have spent more than Rs 1 crore for this particular sequence. It is for the first time ever that a Kannada film has a scene where two vehicles are rammed into each other midair," said Siddharth.

'AK 56' is the twenty fifth film for Om Prakash Rao who is known for handling megaphone for action-oriented films. His other film was 'AK 47' in which Shivarajkumar and Chandini were the lead pair while Om Puri had played the role of a strict police officer.

According to Siddharth, 'AK 56' is about an innocent college student who is branded as a terrorist by the police department. "The story revolves around a college student who escapes from prison and eventually proves that the police is wrong," said Siddarth.

He said that the 'bomb blast' incident would be etched in his memory forever.

"The bomb blast scene was picturised behind Samy's Dreamland near Yelahanka. The art director kept real glass instead of an artificial one. It was a providential escape for me when the bomb detonated. I happened to jump from the spot fifteen seconds before the bomb went off. I might have ended up in the hospital. Luckily a major tragedy was averted," recalls Siddarth.

The film's shooting was held for around 120 days at Hindalgi Jail near Belgaum, Singapore, Mysore and Bangalore. Kishori Ballal, Sumalatha, Srinivasamurthy, Atul Kulkarni, Bullet Prakash, Sharath Babu, Loknath are the other artistes in this film that is expected to hit the silver screen on February 10.


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