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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies - Seema Rahmani

New Delhi: Seema Rahmani is not a new name for indie film lovers. The gorgeous actress has been the obvious choice for the independent filmmakers in search of a quintessential Indian face. Her journey started from American TV soaps 'Rosewell' and 'Alias' before she made it to the headlines with her bold act in Vinod Pande's 'Sins'. 'Missed Call' and 'Lions of Punjab' gave her the recognition in Indian film circuits. She has again come up with a fine performance in director Sudhish Kamath's 'Good Night, Good Morning'. Here is Seema about her journey so far.

Q: When did you realise that acting is the perfect job for you?

A: It happened when I left my corporate job in America but I didn't know what to do, so I went to Barcelona in Spain and climbed a mountain and prayed to god to help me out. (Laughs) I don't know but I have to say this. I actually heard a voice that said me 'go, make movies'. Afterwards I started doing plays in Los Angeles and then I came to India. Some movies happened here and it all started.

Q: You started with TV soaps.

A: After doing a couple of plays I decided to give auditions for Alias and Rosewell. It was really hard to get a good role in Los Angeles because they had a different idea about how an Indian looks like.

Q: Wasn't it something like your role in 'Lions of Punjab'?

A: Yes. Probably this is right. In fact most of the Indian-American actors would relate to that role of 'Lions of Punjab'. The situation has also changed now. A lot of good films are getting produced in the east so you get more chances as an actor.

Q: But it was 'Sins' that gave you the fame.

A: 'Sins' also happened to me quite magically. I like films based on true stories and 'Sins' was one of them, and the script was good too. The director had made a lot of real life movies in the past so I auditioned for it. It was the first film I did in India.

Q: 'Sins' became more famous for nudity than content.

A: Is it still a big thing to discuss because I find most of the music videos very close to nudity? The whole item number business is about flesh. But my line of work has more to do with the characters. As far as it's shot with dignity, I am all for it. I come with full commitment as an actor. Many directors approached me after 'Sins' for roles with nudity but I was not ok with them. However we should not be ashamed of our body, no matter what, but when it comes to films, the maturity level of your audiences do matter.

Q: You character in 'Good Night, Good Morning' seems closer to your real life.

A: That's the biggest compliment any actor can get. I prepared a lot for that role. I had to understand the traits of her character and i used my personal experiences as much as possible. It was just a hotel room without any other actor so i dove right into the flow of the character's life and stayed grounded in her. I think it helped that i fell very sick during the shoot. (Laughs) And Sudhish did not have to do much to see me through that role.

Q: How was Manu Narayan as a fellow actor?

A: Manu is a very sweet and sensitive guy. I knew him from before so it was great working with him. In spite of constraints, he always came up with a smile. He actually had to react to my already recorded dialogue which was not an easy thing to do. He still made it look natural.

Q: Your name features in the producers' list of 'Good Night, Good Morning'.

A: I am one of the executive producers of the film. I was in love with the script but the director Sudhish Kamath said me that he doesn't have the budget to pay me, so I became the executive producer, in case the film makes any money.

Q: Are you deliberately trying to develop your image as an intellectual actress?

A: (Laughs) Do you really think I am 'trying' to make such an image because I know how to be? Independent filmmakers think of me whenever they decide to make films in English. Be it 'Lions of Punjab' or 'Missed Call', I have done the roles which are right for me.

Q: Your website features your non-profit work also. Does it have anything to do with image building?

A: (Laughs) My non profit work has very little to do with me as an actor except I also host a show about animals. I am not really preparing for Bollywood. I wait till the right director approaches me with a right story.

Q: Any filmmakers you want to work with in Bollywood?

A: I think people like Imtiaz Ali and Vishal Bharadwaj or Nagesh Kukunoor.

Q: Anurag Kashyap?

A: Yes, Anurag Kashyap too. I respect him as a human being also.

Q: How good do you find Bollywood actresses?

A: I admire Isha Koppikar for her comic timing. I forgot the name of the film.

Q: Was it 'Kya Kool Hai Hum'?

A: Yes, yes, it was 'Kya Kool Hain Hum'. I fell in love with her item number 'Khallas' also. She brought a class to that song. Tabu is another wonderful actress but the intellectuality of the role comes from the writing. Even Vidya Balan is doing great work.

Q: Would you like to do a role like Vidya's in 'The Dirty Picture'?

A: I am open to any role that is well written. Any story that has something to say about life. I think the script of 'The Dirty Picture' was weak but Vidya brought a lot of substance to the character. I would love to do a role like Ranbir's in 'Rockstar'. We have people in Bollywood who can bring life to their roles.

Q: Tell us something about your upcoming film 'Love wrinkle Free'.

A: It's an ensemble cast in 'Love Wrinkle Free'. You might see a different Seema Rahmani in the film because it's a light hearted film. It's like a tourist who is just travelling without worrying much. I have not done anything like this before.

Q: What are your future projects?

A: I have just shot a short film in New York. I don't usually plan anything. Films come to me suddenly, so the future is like a ghost to me.(Laughs)


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