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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Review - 'Valentine's Night', nothing could be worse

Cast: Payal Rohatagi, Sangram Singh, Rahul Minz, Neha Thakur

Directors: Kirshan-Baadal

There are films where you feel that the storytellers were just interested in wasting money. Unfortunately, the director duo of Kirshan-Baadal of 'Valentine's Night' fall into the same category.

The film is probably India's second Facebook movie after 'Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge' but it has a different angle this time. It features Facebook as a common platform where people with broken hearts come together to celebrate the Valentine night.

Sanjana (Payal Rohatagi) is the moderator of the group whose husband Angad (Sangram Singh) plays a prank on her. The prank includes a grand trip for single people, which is basically a loyalty test for Sanjana. Very soon, Andy (Rahul Minz), Aditi (Neha Thakur), Milind (Sunny Hinduja) and two more people join the trip. Now they are heading towards a party that will change their lives forever.

Everyone has a story to share. Sanjana becomes the medium and the small group start to come out of their grief. However the fate has some other plans ready for them. They suddenly find themselves trapped in a weird situation where Milind seems to be the culprit of a murder.

Now they not only have to face the police but the local mafia too. Finally a secret video captured by a child reveals the mystery of the murder. The child posts that video on the Facebook which helps the police in tracking the real minds behind the crime.

The film basically has one idea and that is to make a film with Facebook in the centre, and you won't be able to find another idea in the film.

Directors don't know what needs to be done, leave aside the other departments. You can still tolerate amateurish camerawork but it takes real courage to digest continuity jumps. The colour of the dresses and lighting arrangement change during shots, editor's shoddy work is easily identifiable, and background score is extremely annoying.

Payal Rohatagi can't act to save her life and she is the focus of the film. One may argue about her glamour quotient but I really feel for such people because the film doesn't have that either. Others are also not far behind in inefficiency. Sue the person who has suggested acting as a career for Sangram Singh. Either send him to some acting school for years or just tell him to concentrate on wrestling.

Rahul Minz's emotional outbursts about his father would drive you crazy. Sometimes the actors commit mistakes like not telling the mobile number in the middle of the sentence. It seems that the number of shots was limited and the editor had to use them. Similar shots are used several times in different sequences.

Should we talk about the story?

Well, it's not needed I guess.

The only good thing about 'Valentine's Night' is its attempted message and that is something vaguely close to 'use Facebook for I don't know what'! Sorry, bad joke.

It was if you love someone then trust them too. Didn't I tell you it was vague.

Rakhi Sawant has done an item number 'take me up, take me down'. Well, I only watched Rakhi's mindless dance moves because the audio and the video were out of synch at places.

Avoid 'Valentine's Night' otherwise or no, wait, take your partner to watch it and I guarantee your break up.


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